High Performance Composites Cluster Group


The High Performance Composites Cluster Group reports into the Composites Leadership Forum. It forms a link with the ATI Composites Group.


The Group will facilitate DELIVERY of UK technology capability and supply chain capacity to maintain the UK position in sectors where composites are commonly used. Short-term growth predictions are good but there is a potential risk of decline by 2030 if technology and supply chain development are not supported.

This includes but is not limited to:

Aerospace – the UK is the world’s second leading economy in this sector producing aero-structures and in the future fan blades, engine casings and under carriages.

Defence – The UK provides components into air, land and sea defence applications.

Marine – UK ship building is limited to a few speciality vessels but capability continues in naval architecture, consultancy, leisure, work boats and equipment including lifeboats, masts, gratings etc. IMO SOLAS regulations have effectively prohibited structural composites in ships so work with the CLF regulations, codes and standards working group is essential if this is to change at all.


To be confirmed